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ProvenBenefit Software as a service
Your own Virtual Private Network for your Event.

Your organization will gain tremendous advantages in organizing your event from beginning to end. End bottlenecks to authorized access of event information by both staff and volunteers.

You can get rid of the place bound access issues which inconvenience both staff and volunteers alike. You can gain major efficiencies and improved management co-ordination with ProvenBenefit “ANYWHERE, ANYTIME” ACCESS.


  • Any Authorized User at Any location:
    Wherever there is an internet connection, and that's almost everywhere : office, home, hotel, wi-lan hot spot, convention centers, even on the road using cell phone card interfaces. So Sally can run reports at the office, Fred can update inventory from the field, and John can work form home. No longer does every bit of information have to be funneled through one or two staff member or a single volunteer manager who has the programs on their home computer.

  • Easy “Upscaling” for an Event:
    The systems for Benefit auctions are frequently under-scaled. To better meet the service level wanted for your event. makes it easy to upscale when, and only when, you need it.
    Only need a 1 or 2 simultaneous users most of the time, but now you have a huge auction event needing 5, or 10, or even 20 cashiers? You can arrange with us to upscale for a specific event without paying for all of those users the rest of the time.

  • Get running quickly on Any type of Computer:
    Within a minute, your authorized staff and volunteers will be up and running on
    Any computer that can run our Secure client software, which is most computers: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, or Unix based computers

    (click here for exact minimal requirements).

  • Centralized Secure Data:
    We use the latest (ssh) secure tunneling between our server and your computer as well as highly encrypted passwords to make sure that only those whom you authorize will have access to your data.

  • Powerful Real-time Interface:
    You will run with the efficiency and throughput of a program loaded to your computer. If you've ever fumbled around with forms or reports in the typical web interface, you know the typical approach could be a problem for running an auction and why our solution is important.

  • Support & Maintenance:
    We maintain the server and programs and keep them up to date. We also perform the routine maintenance of daily backups, etc.

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