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Organize Committees:
Contact Committee for Items
Contact committee for Sponsors / benefactors
Other event committees (providing easy contacts and info exchange)

You Get the most return from ProvenBenefit by using it from the beginning.

Organize Prospecting of donors and sponsors:
Assign Prospective Item Donors and Sponsors to committee members

Event Reservation (ticket) pricing including groups / tables

Record Past Donor History: invaluable aid to contact volunteers / staff
This information will already be there, if you used ProvenBenefit for your past event(s).

fundraising auction credit cardsCredit card processing is integrated into all ProvenBenefit Payment Entry screens such as Event Registration & auction cashiering.

Credit Card portal & processor:
Now is the time to set this up
(if you don't already have it)
Use for Event Registration & Donations, not just the event itself.



Management of your Contact Campaign(s)
Contact sheets including past donation history & notes
Contact assignment reports and results for chair-people and managers
Entry of notes for any contacts and needed follow-ups advantage:

Volunteers can enter their own contact results such as pledges, notes for follow up. They can also research past history & notes; print contact sheets and reports.

Chairpeople & Mgrs can review the status of contacts on the screen or print reports.

Item & Donation Pledge Management:
Entry of Items pledged or received
Entry of Donations received (including Receipt printing)
Entry of Sponsorships & Table reservations (including Receipt printing)


Recording of Reservations / Ticket Sales for Event:
Revenue entry and receipt printing (including credit card payment processing)
Entry of guest names / reporting of those missing



Organization of Item Pickup
Items pledged but not yet received
Recording of Items received (including fmv if not previously entered)

Assignment of Items:
to Silent Auction tables (areas)
to Live Auction
Don't forget those revenue enhancers!

ProvenBenefit uses expert principles shown to be the most profitable based on thousands of auctions.


Pricing of Silent Auction Items
(can be done earlier as soon as item is known
or later up to catalog and bid sheet printing)

Create and Print Catalogs
(automatic from your prior entries or assign each lot#; your choice!)

Too Late
for ProvenBenefit to Help?

We can still streamline
your cataloging and bidsheets
add the quickest and most reliable auction clerking and cash out to your auction event.

Print Silent Auction Bid Sheets
Choose from several formats
Pre-scheduled Pricing from opening to guaranteed purchase recommended for best results

Assign Banquet Table Seating
This can be done as reservations are received or at the very end as shown here.
Simple to do from the reservations and guests you've already entered
Easily find anyone not yet assigned
Track seating requests; keep parties together

Attendee Packets:
Print packet labels, place cards, name tags, and catalogs for packets.



Walk up Event Registration (if needed)
Quick entry of reservation payments / receipts
Assign to table if not yet done
Record names of previously unknown guests

Express Checkout Registration (if being used)
(as quick as swiping a credit card)

Clerk Live Items Real Time
(Print “item invoice” upon bid entry if you want)

The same programs used by auction professionals

Clerk Silent Items as Tables Close
Print “item invoice” upon bid entry if you want)

Cash-out Bidders (non express)
cash them out whenever they want
as quick as entering a bidder number and printing the receipt

  • Bidders choose the payment option THEY are comfortable with.

  • Short or no lines at all.

  • Better service to your bidder.
    Higher satisfaction with your event.

Cash-out Express Bidders:
run automatic cash-out and and receipt printing (mail that night or following day)

Print Cash Receipts / Deposit Reports
(and any other financial report of the event you may choose)



Print Revenue, General Ledger, and Event Profit Reports

THANK YOU:” Mail to Donors, Patrons, Volunteers, Bidders, and guests
.....based on data ProvenBenefit has collected for this event.

And now you are ready

ProvenBenefit makes your next one easier

All the data you've collected (items donors, patrons, donation history, contact notes, guests, committees, etc. will be invaluable for your next event, and ProvenBenefit has given you a built-in roadmap to make it easier whether its the same people or new people running your event.

This is how an event becomes a continuing and reliable revenue stream – a line item for each year's budget.

Get rid of stress and burn-out;
give your profitable events continuity;
turn them into a reliable revenue source year after year.

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