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Your organization will gain tremendous advantages in organizing your event from beginning to end. End bottlenecks to event information for both staff and volunteers.

You can get rid of the place bound access issues which inconvenience both staff and volunteers alike. You can gain major efficiencies and improved management co-ordination with ProvenBenefit “ANYWHERE, ANYTIME” ACCESS of our Software as a Service.


Manage Sponorship Campaigns for your event:
(straight donation and membership campaigns too!)

-- Organize volunteers for in person or telephone campaigns
-- Your may also enter pledges and/or paid donations.
-- Even enter program Advertising commitments.

Manage Event Reservations

-- Handles individual and group reservations
-- Pricing for multiple sponsorship levels and group size
-- Print invoices and receipts
-- Enter Payments including credit card processing on the very same screen.
-- Enter donations, sponsors, ads, and other revenue as well

Manage Banquet seat assignments

-- keep hosts and guests together
-- coordinate seating requests
-- find available seats easily
-- prevent over seating of a table

Handle both Advance and walk-up auction registration

--Advance Registration integrated to Event registration
--The Quickest and easiest Walk-up Registration used by Professional. Auctioneers for over 20 years

Eliminate duplication of EFFORT:

-- “All comers” (donors, item donors, guests, attendees, sponsors, patrons, etc.) easily and seamlessly added to centralized
contact files with easy coding for future retrieval and targeted contact.

-- Audit trails and easy tracking of all “sales”, donations, and receipts entered through our programs.

-- Easy “profit” analysis of an event; complete debits and credits for easy one step entry to your GL.

In other words, we can do a lot for your event management and donor solicitation. This is a program for all of your event management and fund raising needs.

Powerful Integrated Contact Management System:

--Integrated to your event software, collect potential future donors from event registration;
--Quickly register those you already have on file.
--Multiple selection capability for targeting mailings and emails from our contact files.

IF AN AUCTION IS PART OF YOUR EVENT, then see the Auction component of the ProvenBenefit Fund-raising Event Suite.

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