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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing Software capability is INCLUDED with ProvenBenefit® Event & Auction Suites as a service via the internet. The capability is also included with the licensed software option although on-line authorizations will be dependent upon your internet connection.

Our programs utilize the TrustCommerce gateway, and you will need an inexpensive gateway account with them to take advantage of the program capability. If you need a merchant account or simply want to compare rates, TrustCommerce will also provide you with a competitive quote.

Receive a free no-obligation quote from Trust Commerce for Merchant or gateway only accounts.


Processing is Seamlessly Integrated to the Event & Auction Software:

  • No extra steps; credit cards processed as part of the natural flow of cash out

  • No separate terminals to key into

  • Payments may be easily split between credit cards, cash, checks, and even Scrip, when needed

  • Audit trails for all forms of payment kept together

  • Easy to use (see video demo from our home page)

Nearly Instantaneous Authorizations when using ProvenBenefit® Software as a Service:

  • The average authorization takes 1.5 seconds when requested from the server.


  • ProvenBenefit® DOES NOT CHARGE EXTRA for this capability; it's included with our auction and event software.

  • You only pay the normal credit card portal and processing charges which go directly to those companies.

  • Some competitors will add 2-3% over and above the normal processing fees.
    (see typical gateway and merchant account fees)

Security You can trust:

  • Most identity thefts occur when sensitive information such as credit card numbers and expiration dates are saved on the entry computers / terminals; ProvenBenefit does not save this information on your computer or on our server.

  • The vital credit card information is immediately transferred to the Credit Card Gateway's VAULT;

  • Express-PCheckout bidders' credit card info is also saved only in the vault;

  • You and your clients can have total confidence in the use of credit cards.

Batching Option – Collecting credit card payments for later batching:

We recognize that there may be cases where it is not possible to process “on-line.” Although this may be the only option others may give you, we recommend batching only as a last resort, however, both for security as well as performance reasons.

  • Information collected is encrypted to secure against theft;

  • Upon successful batch uploading to gateway, cc information is purged

  • Because we have no choice, batching is the only case where retain this sensitive information, and here we encrypt it.

Express-Checkout Option (Auctions):

  • Bidders who authorize use of a specific credit card for all auction purchases upon registration to the auction;

  • Upon completion of auction, process Express-Checkout and print receipts, all in one operation.

NOTE: For efficient use and to receive “card Present” preferred rates on your transactions from the credit card companies, you will need a mag Stripe reader for swiping credit cards. Clients may obtain these card swipe units from a 3rd party vendor, or ProvenBenefit® can provide this inexpensive hardware on either a purchase or an event rental basis. (to work properly the swipe unit must have a ps2 or usb connector and act as a “keyboard wedge.” We recommend that you have a swipe unit for each cashier station.)

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