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ProvenBenefit® software includes the capabilities of SOLD II®, for over 20 years the most popular and most robust software for professional auctions available.

With this proven capability, you'll have all of the capabilities and flexibilities needed by professional auctioneers to handle even complex auction situations quickly and easily.



  • You should never have long cash out lines using ProvenBenefit®, because we offer the most efficient cash out system for auctions anywhere, as proven by use at some of the largest auctions in North America over the past 20+ years.
    Accurate accounting detail is never sacrificed for this speed, our cashiering keeps the details.

  • Records and Tracks Payments by four methods:

  • -- Cash, Check, Credit Card, and “Scrip”
    -- Easy and detailed deposit reconciliation
    -- Easy and detailed audit trails of receipts.

  • We also offer our Express-Checkout solution for benefit auctions to even further speed this process.

The Most Flexible and Powerful Clerking in the Business

You'll never be caught short at your auctions, whether it be:
-- Special clerking situations like Bidder CHOICE or Clerking of Combined Lots.
-- ProvenBenefit is designed for Real-time entry at the Block. Yes, you can run sheets (like you will need to with other systems) if you insist,
but ProvenBenefit® is designed for easy real-time entry to maximize bidder service and eliminate redundant effort by your personnel.

Registration of bidders that will flow into your contact base for future auctions and/or donations.

You can pre-register your bidders based on event registrations or quickly register walk up attendees, or both. Whatever best fits your event.
With our auction programs, you can even sell consigned items if you need to supplement your donated items and reconcile it easily with your consignors.

No one on earth has better software for live auctions,” but there are some other features especially for fund raising auctions you should know about too:

Coordinate and manage item solicitation for a fund raising auction:

---contact notes for follow up; information you should know for the next contact
-- history of past donations
-- call sheets for volunteers
-- volunteer assignment lists for managers/coordinators
-- entry of item pledges and items received
-- seamless flow of pledges to inventory and to catalogs
-- pickup assignments

Silent Auction System:

  • Plan your table assignments of items easily and quickly.
    Reports of what's been assigned and where, and what remains to be done.
    --Assignment of Silent Auction Table (or Area) closing times.
    --Easy separation of your Silent and live auction items.

  • Bid Increment Schedules or Free Form Bid Sheets; your choice.
    (although experts insist the Bid increment Schedules get better prices, and it's easy with ProvenBenefit)

  • Silent Auction Free form Bid Sheets include closing times, full descriptions, opening bids, minimum increments; if you use bid increment schedules, we preprint all the possible bids on your sheets.

Auction Catalogs:

  • Catalogs that include either Live or Silent Auction Items or both.

  • Catalogs that clearly separate what is in each Silent auction location including closing times.

  • HTML Catalogs for easy publication to your WebSite

  • And of course you can send any of our catalogs to a word processor for special formatting if you wish, but we doubt you will want to when you see our built-in formats.

Professional Grade “Staple Stitch” Catalogs

“Staple Stitch” Catalogs are difficult to do, even when using high end publishing software, but if you've entered the items, you can just print these catalogs directly from ProvenBenefit.


Give your bidders the option of giving you a credit card prior to the auction for payment of all their purchases at the auction. Bidders on this system can leave with their items without going through a cash out line. Process their credit card via our programs and mail their receipt after the auction.

The Quickest Cash-out or Cashiering System available (even if you don't use Express-Checkout):

Some of your bidders will elect not to use Express-Checkout or you may elect not to use it because bidders will be coming from outside your normal circle of supporters.

It's nice to know that your non- Express-Checkout bidders will enjoy cash out that takes only a few seconds each with our exclusive cashiering system.

Cash Reconciliation / Accounting for Cash:

Records and Tracks Payments by four methods:
-- Cash, Check, Credit Card, and “Scrip”
-- Easy and detailed deposit reconciliation
-- Easy and detailed audit trails of receipts.

Integrated Credit Card Processing:

Whether using Express-Checkout or not, credit card processing authorizations are seamless from out cashiering. In fact, the average time from card swipe to authorization is 1.5 seconds when using our ProvenBenefit®.net service.

    Avoid the double-entry of using separate terminals for credit payment processing, and keep full accounting of all transactions, sales and payments, in one place for complete balancing of your books (and with no extra effort).

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